BROTHER 12mm TZeTapes

Organize everything from your home to your office to your garden with this Brother 12mm TZeTapes .

  • Color
    • TZe131 Black on Clear
    • TZe431 Black on Red
    • TZe531 Black on Blue
    • TZe631 Black on Yellow
    • TZe731 Black on Green
    • TZe231 Black on White
    • TZeM31 Black on Matt Clear
    • TZe232 Red on White
    • TZe233 Blue on White
    • TZe132 Red on Clear
    • TZe133 Blue on Clear
    • TZe135 White on Clear
    • TZe334 Gold on Black
    • TZe335 White on Black
    • TZe435 White on Red
    • TZe535 White on Blue
    • TZeHW31 - Hello Kitty tape 
  • Measures 12mm wide by 8m long
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Doesn’t leave behind sticky residue when removed
  • Suitable Machine : PT-H110, PTD-210, PTD-200KT
Tape Color
Black on Clear
Black on Red
Black on Blue
Black on Yellow
Black on Green
Black on White
Black on Matt Clear
Red on White
Blue on White
Red on Clear
Blue on Clear
White on Clear
Gold on Black
White on Black
White on Red
White on Blue
Hello Kitty tape

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